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To win this election, I must reach out to as many voters as possible, as many times as possible before November 5th.  To talk to 15,000 voters before Election Day, I need to raise $20,000.  This is a large task, but I know that together we can do this! 

 Please consider supporting my effort with a contribution of $50, $100, $500 or whatever you can to help me continue serving on the City Commission so we can keep Royal Oak moving in the right direction.

  • $50 will supply a roll of stamps
  • $150 will print 1,500 campaign flyers
  • $250 will secure 60 yard signs
  • $500 will print and mail 1,600 campaign postcards

How to contribute:

Contributions can be made electronically or via mail.

In order to make your on-line contribution, please fill out this form* completely and click 'submit' to complete your payment via Paypal**. State law allows a maximum $1,000 contribution per individual per election cycle. 

*State law requires the campaign to collect this information for campaign finance reporting

**A Paypal account is not necessary--if you do not have one, when you reach the Paypal site click the link in the bottom right that says "Don't have a Paypal Account")

Checks made out to 'Friends of Kyle DuBuc' can be mailed to:

Friends of Kyle DuBuc

312 Fairgrove Ave

Royal Oak, MI  48067

No Corporate checks please.